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Yuzoolthemes FAQs

Yuzoolthemes Accounts

For complete account access, to download anytime 24/7, to go beyond your 90 days download length, and to have more comprehensive backup of files, please upgrade to the "Bundle" account.

We've most likely already created you an account and sent login access. If you are missing them please reset via the login forget password here or email us and we'll send you an account activation reset email.

Where are the demos and Docs?

The link to the documentation is in the, either as a PDF or web link. Please check the download zip for further information and any RapidWeaver project demo files.

Here are also online copies of the documentation and online demos:


I've had a Hard Drive crash

Please backup your files on an external Hard Disk using Time Machine (or a service like Dropbox) in case your computer fails and you need to re-install.

We can only re-supply files over 90 days to Bundle users who have a dashboard with all the files to download again at anytime.

When you buy your item you instantly get the download link and a "save to Dropbox option".

How can I check for updates?

To receive item updates, just use Sparkle (the update function inside RapidWeaver Stacks) or Waterfall within RapidWeaver to receive the updates. We'll keep supporting the product for as long as it's possible and as long as it's on sale. In most cases, beyond this.

We send out regular updates via email also (newsletter and via Selz) and Bundle users can also download anytime from their Dashboard. So there's many ways to get notified and access the update, depending on which method suits your workflow.

Keep track of what has been updated here.

Wall Stack isn't working

In this case Wall Stack isn't working, most likely the ID or API from the social media channel weren't input correctly. To get around this, double check them or use the API keys in the RapidWeaver project file to give you a head start. Then amend the IDs to your own accounts.

I can't change banners in Split Theme

Add your image to the RapidWeaver Resources area then add this snippet to the Custom CSS pane in the Page Inspector

CSS Code to Copy and Paste (change a5.jpg to your filename): #intro #intro-background { background: url("%resource(a5.jpg)%") no-repeat center center; background-size: cover; }

If you are referencing an image on a sub page, make sure to add a ../ before the image name, so ../a5.jpg in this example.

Dropkick 2 is not working

Not having the .htaccess file on the server can cause all sorts of issues with DropKick CMS.

Many FTP programs typically have view hidden files disabled. This will prevent you from seeing the .htaccess file to upload it to your server.

Please go through your FTP application settings, (view area typically) to enable hidden files.

Upload the .htaccess file as instructed.

How can I start with Just Forms?

A simple note on how to create your first form and embed in RapidWeaver.Follow this mini-tutorial.

I only want one item from the Bundle

We sell all our items individually here in our store. If it's not in the store, it's most likely an older addon and included in the Oak Bundle. These are sold inside the Oak Bundle only at this time.

Can I get a refund?

All sales are final. Since all of our products are downloadable files, which cannot unfortunately be protected through the use of serial numbers, all sales are final.

We do not offer refunds but in some cases we can offer exchanges on our digital eCommerce goods.

Yuzoolthemes offers its products on an as-is basis. We cannot guarantee compatibility with each and every third-party plugin for RapidWeaver.

That said, we have a fast, responsive and great support team and will do our very best to make you satisfied and get you where you want to go in your RapidWeaver project.

See more in our terms & conditions.


We don't offer refunds for renewal payments either. Thirty days before your Bundle renews, we'll send an email letting you know you're scheduled for a payment. This gives you a chance to update your credit card or cancel the Bundle extension before the charge is processed. This can be done within your account.

Do you provide customisations?

All our addons come with enough customisation options within the RapidWeaver dashboard that you shouldn't need to further customise our work.

However, should you be in need to further customise our wares, we unfortunately don't have the resources to extend or customise our addons (or another developer's addons) for your project.

For that we recommend to hire a qualified developer to help you.

Good luck with the project!

I don't know how to use xyz technologies

We will do our best to help you with our addons, but any support to do with web design, RapidWeaver, Stacks or servers is beyond our support realm. We will always try or point you in the right direction, but we can't be responsible for that big area of learning, beyond just the Stack or Theme.

You've reached the end of the FAQs. If you need any help, please send us a support ticket.