"Just a quick note of thanks to Michael for listening to our needs and desires, and then quickly updating the stack!
There are very few developers who roll out so many updates, so quickly. If I’m not mistaken, you hit every nail on the head…and I assure you we not only appreciate it, but will keep it in mind when thinking about future purchases. Your customer service and attention to detail has been fantastic."
Dave Hidding
Designer, MediaPressions
“I just want to say that I am extremely satisfied with your product. It really is amazing and just what I was looking for. Thank you again for offering this.”
Nicky Beltran
Designer, Nicky Classes

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  • “Thanks! I bought several of your stacks and they are fantastic ”
    Craig Rugh
    Designer — USA
  • “Problem solved. Excellent support. Many thanks. Absolutely delighted. Enjoy your day. ”
    Richard Pennie
    Reporter — USA
  • “ Problem solved. Thanks very much for your excellent support 👍 ”
    Mathieu Elissen
    Artist — Netherlands
  • “Thank you Stuart. I am deeply impressed with the speed of your response and even more, the speed of your action on this matter. Count me as a loyal customer! ”
    Eugene Schwartz
    Graphic Artist — Germany
  • “Perfect, works a treat, many thanks for fantastic response! ”
    Dave Farrants
    Interface Designer — UK

Keep up, the great work. Love ur talented stacks. 😎

Gerald Rappaport
Medical, Miami, USA

Awesome... Thank You Michael… Love your work !!

Mark Hogan
Designer, Western Australia

Without a doubt the most versatile Social sharing stack to date.

Rob Hall
RapidWeaver Ninja, Thailand

I appreciate your stellar work and professionalism 😁

Robert Pastrana
Illustrator, San Diego, USA

thanks for all your lessons in coding. So great to be part of Yuzoolthemes experience. In other words, thank you, Michael.

Monica Palmer
Lifecoach, Toronto, Canada

Thanks for all your help. The client loves it, simple as it is, it's what she asked for!

Twitchin Kitten
Designer, UK

Been having a proper play, it's actually really bloody good. Designed really does work out of the box.

Steve Bee
Cycleshop Manager, Northern Ireland

Thank's for all! It was perfect! PS : I love your work!

Patricia Culot
Web Designer, Bouge, Belgium

Appreciate your help. Very happy with the products and support from your company.

Adam Lobel
Musician, California, USA

I love the Just Forms product. I particularly like the way the email lays out and the information is presented to my client.

Eric Vaughn
Designer, San Francisco, USA

What’s really great about this is that I can easily add new content to the site with no real effort.. now I just post videos and photos directly from my phone, and your stack takes care of the rest.

Daniel Lau
Professor, Kentucky, USA

Keep up the inspiration Michael, we love your design and functionality! And use it all the time in most of our projects.

Serge Christiaans
Captain, Elst, Netherlands

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