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User always comes first

When designing a product, we always think of how you and your end user is going to experience it.

Reliable support

No matter what you're stuck with, our human support team will respond as quickly as possibly and in a friendly way.

Easy to realize your ideas

Your imagination is the limit here. Using our products you can make any project come to life.

Completely secure

We don't take security concerns lightly, our products are safe to use and our online software is also secure for you to access anytimes.

Swift performance

Speed is important for conversion and Google SEO, we always optimise our products, providing a seamless user experience and best results.

Beautifully designed

Hand crafted with design principles in mind, you can use our products to give you a professional "looking good" lift.

Feel the love

Over 9,747 happy customers just like you

Excerpts of love letters emailed in

Thank you Stuart. I am deeply impressed with the speed of your response and even more, the speed of your action on this matter.
Count me as a loyal customer!
~ Eugene Schwartz
Problem solved. Thanks very much for your excellent support 👍 ~ Mathieu Elissen
I love the Just Forms product. I particularly like the way the email lays out and the information is presented to my client. ~ Eric Vaughn
Thank you very much! I like this stack. Well done!
~ Armin Homburg
What’s really great about this is that I can easily add new content to the site with no real effort.. now I just post videos and photos directly from my phone, and your stack takes care of the rest.
~ Daniel Lau
Thank's for all! It was perfect! PS : I love your work!
~ Patricia Culot
Keep up, the great work. Love ur talented stacks. 😎
~ Gerald Rappaport
Appreciate your help. Very happy with the products and support from your company.
~ Adam Lobel
Thanks! I bought several of your stacks and they are fantastic. ~ Craig Rugh
Problem solved. Excellent support. Many thanks. Absolutely delighted. Enjoy your day.
~ Richard Pennie
Slow down, man - you're making us dizzy!
~ Gavin Dudeney
So happy with yuzoolthemes!!! ~ Marcel Troost
Awesome... Thank You Michael… Love your work !! ~ Mark Hogan
GREAT emails and information! Used everyone of them. Thank you again for the great lessons.
~ Bailinstudio
thanx a bunch, you 2! Very, very helpful.
~ Andreas Hunziker
Your email tips and tutorials have been great! Thanks. ~ Brad Miller
I would like to thank you for your great support & prompt reply. Please continue making great stacks & themes, I am your biggest fan
~ Robert Lammers
Top job chaps, thank you ever so much 😀
~ Steve Bee
I appreciate your stellar work and professionalism 😁 ~ Robert Pastrana
Perfect, works a treat, many thanks for fantastic response! ~ Dave Farrants
This is really a great thing you folks are doing for the community. Thank you, so much. ~ Byron Tracy
Without a doubt the most versatile Social sharing stack to date. ~ Rob Hall, RapidWeaver Ninja
Keep up the inspiration Michael, we love your design and functionality! And use it all the time in most of our projects. ~ Serge Christiaans

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  • One time payment
  • No account access
  • 90 days order lookup?
  • Sparkle & Waterfall updates
  • Paid Email support?
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Cloud Club

  • Every product included?
  • Subscription?
  • Account access?
  • FREE Priority Email Support
  • Sparkle & Waterfall updates
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Frequently asked questions

  • Where have all your products gone?

    We've culled, cut-down and redeveloped to focus on bringing you the finest and most premium RapidWeaver addons. You are going to like what you see, so join our Cloud club to get premium addons delivered direct to your account every month.

    And for those still wanting our well-tested and mature addons, you can now get them for any price you think they are worth in our Oak Bundle. Pay as you wish. They're in the club too on your product dashboard. Now that's good shopping.

  • How do you support addons?

    No matter what you're stuck with, our human support team will respond as quickly as possibly and in a friendly way. We have plenty of docs you can read through online, and downloaded with each item, and we aim to help as much as we can. And yes, previously purchased items are still supported.

    It should be noted, Cloud club members are entitled to FREE and fast priority support as part of their plan. Yeah 🎖 And everyone else has all they need in the docs to make it work, or if they get stuck, they can contact us via for a $1 charity donation for help.

  • What is your refunds policy?

    We don't offer refunds on our digital products, but the subscription packages can be cancelled at anytime. That said, we have a fast, responsive and great support team and will do our very best to make you satisfied and get you where you want to go in your RapidWeaver project.

  • Can I quit my subscription at any time?

    Yes you can. The Cloud Club is billed $39 to signup and $15 per month to stay a member, and can be cancelled anytime after you've started. You can cancel from within the dashboard.

    Any cancelled accounts will no longer receive club benefits such as free items every month, constant updates and exclusive items, the dashboard to download all items will be closed, there'll be no more free support, all just forms embeds will cease to work and apps access will be closed 😪

  • Can I upgrade my plan from a bundle?

    Sure. If you want to upgrade from a previous product Bundle to Cloud club (such as Ultimate, Stacks, Themes or Sayonara Bundles), send us an email and we'll get right on that! Signup fee is (waived) free to you and you can start your membership straight away for only $15 per month.

About us

Meet the gentlemen who work here

How we roll


We listen to RapidWeaver users and see what niche hasn't been served and we focus on making the lives of these creators - freelancers, designers and site makers - better everyday with tools they need to look cool and get the project done as best they can.


We get it out there as quick as we can and get it into the hands of RapidWeaver users as soon as possible. See how they use it, see how it works and what does and what doesn't, and make notes and look for chances to make improvements.


We fix bugs or add new features based on what would be the most useful on a regular basis. Addons users can enjoy quick updates via Sparkle or Waterfall, and Yuzoolthemes Cloud club users can also login to their account and download the addon anytime they want.


We have documentation built-in to every addon we ship and also maintain an active presence fielding support questions and FAQs regularly via our help centre. Cloud users get FREE priority email support and everybody else has to donate to receive advice.


Tweak, refine and go through the loop again as many times as we can and as fast as we can. After 5 years serving the RapidWeaver community ine every way, we have a good idea on what it needs and work hard everyday to try and make this happen.


Send us a message

$1 per email

Support questions by non-cloud club members require a donation to Folding@home.

FREE support

Cloud club members can enjoy FREE priority email support via their Cloud Dashboard.

Paid support is via charity donation and we'll collect this only after we've replied to you.
If it's a bug on our side, we'll fix it and credit you for another question on us.
For pre-sales questions, get in touch here.
And, remember, all docs are here.


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